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25th-Mar-2016 02:00 am - Failed Wardrobe (AGAIN?)
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Somedays ago,

my sakumiya-n friends send me this picture on Line :

curious? take a look )
17th-Apr-2014 02:43 pm - WORLD MUSIC AWARD 2014
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just go to this link :










22nd-Mar-2014 11:46 pm - Can't wait for next saturday Anishi
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when i saw tumblr when they shoot Anishi while skiing, i didnt expect that this gonna be air next week.

then tonight,


while 17 years ago


i didnt see any shadow of Sho or Satoshi :(
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when i saw KNH post this episode,

kind remind me of this episode, (Tetsuko no Heya Arashi SP [2011.04.27] - talk segment engsubbed)
He asked Tetsuko san to invite him to the show, and Tetsuko san asked him to wear Sho chan's Hat, and red is his fav color.

Tetsuko no Heya Arashi SP [2011.04.27] - talk segment engsubbed.avi_snapshot_09.05_[2014.03.21_22.32.13]

Tetsuko no Heya Arashi SP [2011.04.27] - talk segment engsubbed.avi_snapshot_09.11_[2014.03.21_22.32.38]

18th-Dec-2013 11:52 pm - when behind you was Sakurai sho
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and you cant handle it feeling to spread the world?

[2013.12.16] News Zero - Sho + Arashi Cut (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.35_[2013.12.18_23.39.52]
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*my simple card for you Nino. i made this at 8.00 pm Jakarta Time. so its a lil time to create somethin' while u were in Japan at 10.00 pm. i just get back from shopping, and i'm still put on my make up write this lil note.

this is my second year for me to really celebrating your birthday, but this year, i didnt plan of somethin, last year i was made an hamburger present.

"thank you so much, for the time u being here as Arashi or as you yes you.
thank you so much for releasing my sadness and stress full of days working by showing up on my laptop.
and thank you so much, that you were born and choose to stay as Arashi, no matter what."

2nd-Jun-2013 04:39 am - Tiring day and SHOCK
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today is a looong day for me,
at 11.30 am
since i have an appointment to meet up with Arashi-an (fangirling) and a Japanese who move here for 2 month and also love Arashi too.
you can see her in my picture twitter account, tab mention.
we talked a lot, she wondering why we are here know arashi so much, how do we know them, and why we can speak nihon go.
(me : i can understand an easy conversation, but hard to talk in Nihon go).
she giving us Curry rice, it so delicious. and tamago, and tofu.
she allowed us to see her and her daughter collection, and WOW!! its a huge poster on her room (her daughter).
on word : SUGOI!.

watching disc 1 Popcorn, and get back from her house.
we are 8 people, after get back from her apartment, want to karaoke, but we cant because its need reservation 2 days before (I have 4 hours voucher).
we gather in a Mall (Blok M Square), and talking again about Aiba manabu, Nino san, and also the hottest drama ever Last Cinderella and Itazura.
and i have to go back at 7pm because i have another appointment. (reunion with my ex colleague).
having bowling, late dinner and karaoke.
since i am not going with Arashia-an (fangirling) so i have to karaoke a lot of song outside j-pop.
waiting for reservation at 11 pm, i still having time to watch shiyagare on vendy, too bad part 2 was deleted.
at that time, i still can see [ profile] bunnyandclover..KG new eps subbed. i have the raw but it left at the office, and i havent watch it in a real time (streaming), so i decided to download it later on Monday maybe, if i have a time.
having talk in a long conversation and singing a long, i have to go back home at 2 am.

tooth brushing and cleaning my make up, and start to open my LJ friend page, and see whats new.
starting to download Itazura from DA torrent, and SHOCK with [ profile] transitions101 and  [ profile] bunnyandclover about hakkishop.
he/she a really in damage situation.

1. why he/she is selling it, even -too bad- in Social  media, such a stupid person.
2. did he/she read the rules? avoiding?
3. too embarrassing, because i am an indonesian too.
4. just because one person break the rules, all the member in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD are Affected!

i assumed : maybe : some people who buy this :
1. find it more convenient
2. do not have a friend who likes to Johnny's KINGDOM, who can give a file or barter
3. do not have access to those community
4. do not have internet access
(for your information, Internet fee in Indonesia is quite expensive. like me who have internet subscriptions by modem and unlimited access with 512 kbps DL at the rate of 100.000 Rp. is like 10.2 US$. and my office unlimited access with 4Mbps at the rate of 350.000 Rp. exclude tax. is like 35,75 US$ )

so they having shortcut, bought it!

i can only help them (fansubber) to report on FB and tumblr.

so thats it for today, is already 4.39 in the morning, i havent sleep yet, let see tomorrow

23rd-May-2013 01:19 am - ohchan scar
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this is my 2nd posting about his scar, is it getting worst?

Arashi - Mezamashi TV - Atarashi Arashi [2013.05.22] HQ.avi_snapshot_00.56_[2013.05.23_01.05.57]
7th-May-2013 09:46 pm - There is no wardrobe anymore
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finally, i can watched Shiyagare last saturday tonight. after viewing daily motion of Vendy.
and i noticed this...


VS Arashi Golden #129 [2013.02.07] HQ.avi_snapshot_00.34_[2013.05.07_21.22.07]
7th-May-2013 08:40 pm - Eaazzy Mini Camera
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Do you still remember this?

Monthly TV Guide(1302) arashi

if you were in Indonesia you can buy online here

kamera 2mp

unfortunately, there is no yellow there :( 
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