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27th-Aug-2015 09:51 am - Early birthday gift
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this morning when i saw my desk, there is a package.
thank you so much.
i'll treasure it the most. you've already gimme 2 bags.

changed my waku waku to your ウチ

and you've been living your dream and my dream. hehehe...

btw, how dyou know my address?

thank you
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15th-Jun-2014 10:18 pm - MASTERPOST
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*update 22 April 2017

This Dreamwidth made after long problem from Livejournal and its Law.
For all the Moderator of Community, who come visit my page, welcome.

First Join in Livejournal : Account  Created on 4 October 2008 (#16748385)
My Profile in Dreamwidth

I do have a lot of stuff during my free time on a weekend.
and this is some of my work.

I am not that PRO so pardon me.
and I am no longer posting FF in this Journal.

i will gladly welcoming for you
Romance : Grey
My First

Nino x OC
Romance : When you become mine

Friendship : Big Trouble

Arashi : [KUG 2009] Arashi - A.RA.SHI - Love So Sweet - Happiness - Believe
Arashi : [PV] P.A.R.A.D.O.X
Sandy Sandoro : [PV] Tak Pernah Padam - Music Everywhere
KAT-TUN : [PV] Come Here
Nishino Kana : [Perf] Music Station - Suki [2014.10.17] EngSub
JUJU : [Perf] Best Artist [2014.11.26] - Last Scene
Makihara Noriyuki  : [Perf] Best Artist [2014.11.26] - OST Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu / きょうは会社休みます
[2014.11.03] Mezamashi Aqua - TOKIO 20th Anniversary Live - Arashi
EXILE : [Perf] Music Station [2013.11.29] EngSub

[Eng-Softsub] PV Arashi - Fukkatsu Love
[Eng-Softsub] Music Station [2016.05.13] Arashi - I Seek

“Dakedo ichiban suki nano Kazunari” : VS Arashi Golden #136 [2013.04.25] (Arashi + Morisanchu vs. Library Wars the Movie)
Endless Game (CUT) From Credit tittle Drama
"Anpaman, sore wa ii yada, okaasaan" : Arashi ni Shiyagare #127 [2013.03.23] Nino cut
Music station 2014.09.26 Cut (My Girl - Hawaiian ver. + One Love + A.RA.SHI)
ALICE IN WONDERLAND Cut From Anishi 2014.11.08
Ninomiya Kazunari - Michi (Pika2.5nchi Movie)
嵐『愛を叫べ』Arashi Ai Wo Sakebe Music Station [2015.08.28]
Mafuyu no Nagareboshi – NEWS (SCP 2016.12.14)
NEWS SCP 2016.06.15 (Ai no Matador, White Love Story, Forever)

Sakumiya only )
3rd-Feb-2011 03:37 am - I'll be away
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this is was my ...times writing here.
this is was my reason why i'm building live journal.
i love Yamashita Tomohisa, in the first place, then News, then Arashi, the Nino chan, then Sho chan, then all Japan stuff.

this isnt empty journal at least.

firstly, i know Newshfan, as all people know what Newshfan doing in this cyberworld. and i appreciate all the hardworking.

i'm enjoying download all the stuff, because i'm hitori desu. who love JE in my community. then why i should reuploading? reselling? reedited?
all the things just waste my time? i always appreciate all the subbers.

all i can do, mainichi was. Download the file, i'm leaving for work, about 8-9 hours, then come back, then the files already finished.
so you might call my bandwith was just about 15-60 KB/s. if i'm lucky it goes 60KB/s.
so reuploading will waste my time right?

then Newshfan gone, then someone already back up-ed the files.
then i found a site, its...more likely like newshfan, the font and the style he writes the :

with no name, with no tittle who subbed it. but i'm affraid to publish it here.

for the next 6 month, maybe i will away. i have job in Malaysia, i'm affraid i couldnt catchup with LJ T_T
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