Dec. 22nd, 2013 12:53 am
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Today, yes Saturday. i have to met up with my Arashian family, to go to Indonesia - Japan expo 2013.

Indonesia Jepang Expo 2013
As you can see, COWCOW, Weaver, and HAKU would be guess. and the rundown was :
Friday :
Talkshow “Mengenal Lebih Dekat Culture Masyarakat Jepang with Guest Star (Cow-cow Senam)”
10.00 – 12.00

i cant attend due to my office hour.

Saturday : (the met up day)
Yuk Kita Senam (by Cow Cow Senam) - Lets gym.
11.00 – 12.00

due to this, i have to hurry, from my office (because i have to handle some invoicing - i hate it).
reach by public transportation, i have to change 3 destination public transportation *sigh.

i have to ran while entering the hall, ticketing, hall exhibition to reach stage. but what come first was they in front of me.

i have to follow them if i would like to take a picture.
then, @tadaken0808 (Kenji Tada) gimme COWCOW  sticker (ureshii honto ni).
and i said to him, to send my greet to Nino :D


they are really kind, almost all the exhibition booth, the came in, and takes photos with the executives. and translator told me and my friends that we have a moment to taking picture together COWCOW after Media interview.

but suddenly, at the lil corner @cowcow44cow (Yoshi Yamada) waves his hands, and said
"if you would like to take picture, right now is ok." in Japanese.
"but with only me, because tadaken should go to toilet."
"ah its ok" we answered.

then we take picture together (the picture in  my twitter account). and he giving a handshake (one more time) handshake!
while i am still handshaking with him, I told him to send my greet to Nino.
"Arashi no Ninomiya ni yoroshiku." he shocked but nodding.
then bow, he said "Arigatou" me and my friends are doing the same.

honto ni ureshii. choo tanoshikatta desu.

(i am hoping that Yamada san while hang out with Nino, and told him, that someone from Indonesia send him greet)
i am dead!!

The reason why COWCOW comes to Indonesia, because recently they seems quite famous in Youtube, spreading Senam yang Iya Iyalah (Atarimai taiso in Bahasa)

22.12.2013 Cowcow


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