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23rd-May-2015 11:21 pm - [similiar] Words of Sho
teendahood: (saku bank bowl)
because of lazy weekend, and i'm looking forward to watch Training camp, and ...
"Aah.. i've read and watch this before"

the greatfull feeling of Sho.
the wise words.
the basic demeanour of arashi.

"And because of Arashi..." )

the Unchangable Sakurai Sho - somehow it's remind me of some words in FF

The End
18th-Dec-2013 11:52 pm - when behind you was Sakurai sho
teendahood: (sakumiya concert)
and you cant handle it feeling to spread the world?

[2013.12.16] News Zero - Sho + Arashi Cut (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_03.35_[2013.12.18_23.39.52]
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