I dont know what caption should i wrote


Ive write in this lj too about this tshirt. Is just..

Staff san. Please!!!

this morning when i saw my desk, there is a package.
thank you so much.
i'll treasure it the most. you've already gimme 2 bags.

changed my waku waku to your ウチ

and you've been living your dream and my dream. hehehe...

btw, how dyou know my address?

thank you
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that's all

Like Sho had said in Anishi date with Ishihara Satomi
whisper to Nino's ear closely

source : weibo
I still cant believe it the rumor that has spread, having back problem of nino, and i saw these...

Arashi ni Shiyagare #173 [2014.04.19] HQ.avi_snapshot_01.06_[2014.04.27_01.38.55]

its rare, to see Nino sat in front of Sho,
and look, he put kusshon on his chair,

and see.. even Nino cant greet the quest and bow.
and watch sho's eyes, looking at nino

Now i can say...please Nino take care of your self, drinking more water, dont ever drink beer and coffee again right now.
another Sakumiya part on this,

Sho chan as a partner of Nino in this event.

News Zero - Nino & Sho in red carpet (2006-11-16) [STORMY team sub].avi_snapshot_00.25_[2014.03.21_23.31.18]

and when News Zero anchor talking about the intro, Nino remember the intro and said ''Zeeerrooooo,,

News Zero - Nino & Sho in red carpet (2006-11-16) [STORMY team sub].avi_snapshot_00.41_[2014.03.21_23.35.04]

unfortunately, i stiill havent News Zero Ninomiya in Berlin :(
while Nino having premier in Berlin, and Sho chan was sitting in the studio palm on his chin (still looking for the print screen but still cant find it)
This posting is for my #sakumiya mate [livejournal.com profile] sky_fish7

while talking about Sakumiya, somehow i do remember old frame of them. together.
and while talking about my previous posting sakumiya, i remember this frame.

its the last episode of Mannequin 5.
[2012.04.13] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #170 M5SP5 Mannequin Five Special (Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO) Purple

On Nino's part )
Have you watched Anishi last episode of 2013?

a lot of Sakumiya happen there.

when they were talking about type of girl.
Ohchan and Nino love the girl who let them free (doing something they like).
Arashi ni Shiyagare #159 [2013.12.21] HQ.avi_snapshot_00.21.26_[2013.12.26_23.50.44]

my fav was : )
*credit to owner wonderful ideas


Sakumiya on

Oct. 29th, 2013 07:46 pm
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Today i'm pretty busy at the office. couldn't catch up tumblr, and others.
and my friends send me this at the evening.


Maybe its just me too much enforce about them being together.
since they sooooo avoiding each others.

[2013.10.19] Arashi ni Shiyagare (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.10_[2013.10.20_22.47.10]

i am here,
and you were there :D

[2013.10.19] Arashi ni Shiyagare (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.10_[2013.10.20_22.47.10]_

[2013.10.19] Arashi ni Shiyagare (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.10_[2013.10.22_19.06.03]_

Nino : "I bet Sho chan staring at me"

[2013.10.19] Arashi ni Shiyagare (1280x720).mp4_snapshot_42.12_[2013.10.22_19.06.35]_
Ok, here's the things.
its about a couple days ive been really into it to them,
Looking forward to see old file and see them exactly what their feeling to each others.

1. Firstly,
    i'm watching again Hanamaru cafe Sho chan - last Endless Game. the perfect moment when pointing to camera.
    and realize a moment that Sho chan called him 'kare' and in my dictionary which means.. the love one, or some like the close one.
    but suddenly turn it off, since Sho chan also called another person kare too, in his another episode of Hanamaru cafe.

2. Secondly,
     I end up watching Iza Now backstage. that is the perfect moment. that we could see theyre holding hands.
sakumiyan Iza

3. Thirdly,
    i'm watching How its going on Sho chan camera. I did some analyzing. in every Nino's scene. it seems like Sho chan was really love Nino. like this     one scene
How's It Going Tour - Sho's Camera.avi_snapshot_01.24_[2013.10.04_19.12.39]

Sho chan asking, what he want to do? Nino answer wants to eat crap.
that scene Sho chan was " kyuuunnnnn" and shaking his camera. Oh My God Sho chan, please take care of him. i love you both.

thats all, i have to go, printing some photos for my birthdays friend, and finishing my scrapbook.
These magazine and any variety shows, they seems disappear

NEWS Pacific - Sho & Nino CUT 1.mp4_snapshot_02.36_[2013.09.30_23.56.14]
gif source tumblr, and credit to owner.

When they stand up. and Nino take his right hand from the jacket,
and why sho chan also fixing his jacket too?

why nino? what are you doin on that back seat with sho chan?
why sho chan
(VSA 19.09.2013)

btw i wish i could post to [livejournal.com profile] sakumiyaaday but didnt have access to it.
(actually i really want to post since last month, but i dont have time. and now, its a long Holiday because in Indonesia, we are Moeslem are having Eid al-Fitr. holiday since 5th august until 11th august, and i going back to my hometown Jogjakarta.)

So i've download NNK sub for [nnk] VS Arashi #196 [2012.10.18] Bet de Arashi HQ
and there's a lil sakumiya moment there, and i couldn't even imagine how Sho chan really knows Nino well.

1. Sho chan really knows what Nino's doing during New Years.


when calculating bet de Arashi begun, Nino said really have confidence to win, because he really love money.
then sho chan conclude with :


then the shock moment is that :

He asked or assumed Nino would completing his sentences then Nino said :


waww they've been leaving together more than 15 years, so no wonder Sho chan really knows Nino well.

then Nino take his spirit to win :


2. Sho really good in reading Nino's mind, lemme say, this is often happen.


when he had the Joker, Nino playing mind games, that lead to Riida pick his card first and he put the joker in the left of the card. so Riida will choose it.
FYI, in janken Riida would throw rock first, and when playing baba card, he would pick the card that in the left. (according to Nino)


and when the Joker in J, Nino will take it and put it back to Riida's hand. and thats really happen.

3. Sho chan always pointing to Camera / Monitor when it comes to Nino


Itou san asking Nino, who will win the canoe battle, and Nino, off course answer it sho san. then Sho chan would doing :


feeling dejavu in Hanamaru cafe.

And this is another Saku can read Miya's mind :

[2010.05.27] VS Arashi EP #95 (Arashi + Kikukawa Rei vs. Shimura Ken Team)

when the plus one coming out, sho chan was a....

[2010.05.27] VS Arashi EP #95 (Arashi + Kikukawa Rei vs. Shimura Ken Team).avi_snapshot_02.35_[2013.08.09_01.48.05]

looking at Nino's

[2010.05.27] VS Arashi EP #95 (Arashi + Kikukawa Rei vs. Shimura Ken Team).avi_snapshot_02.49_[2013.08.09_01.47.34]


[2010.05.27] VS Arashi EP #95 (Arashi + Kikukawa Rei vs. Shimura Ken Team).avi_snapshot_02.53_[2013.08.09_01.48.35]

thats my sakumiya moment for this time. but anyway i had a HUGE thought about Sakumiya lately, Nino avoiding Sho chan. and if its i have to explain it, maybe it would become one of fanfic thats will broken Shochan heart.
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