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*update 22 April 2017

This Dreamwidth made after long problem from Livejournal and its Law.
For all the Moderator of Community, who come visit my page, welcome.

First Join in Livejournal : Account  Created on 4 October 2008 (#16748385)
My Profile in Dreamwidth

I do have a lot of stuff during my free time on a weekend.
and this is some of my work.

I am not that PRO so pardon me.
and I am no longer posting FF in this Journal.

i will gladly welcoming for you
Romance : Grey
My First

Nino x OC
Romance : When you become mine

Friendship : Big Trouble

Arashi : [KUG 2009] Arashi - A.RA.SHI - Love So Sweet - Happiness - Believe
Arashi : [PV] P.A.R.A.D.O.X
Sandy Sandoro : [PV] Tak Pernah Padam - Music Everywhere
KAT-TUN : [PV] Come Here
Nishino Kana : [Perf] Music Station - Suki [2014.10.17] EngSub
JUJU : [Perf] Best Artist [2014.11.26] - Last Scene
Makihara Noriyuki  : [Perf] Best Artist [2014.11.26] - OST Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu / きょうは会社休みます
[2014.11.03] Mezamashi Aqua - TOKIO 20th Anniversary Live - Arashi
EXILE : [Perf] Music Station [2013.11.29] EngSub

[Eng-Softsub] PV Arashi - Fukkatsu Love
[Eng-Softsub] Music Station [2016.05.13] Arashi - I Seek

“Dakedo ichiban suki nano Kazunari” : VS Arashi Golden #136 [2013.04.25] (Arashi + Morisanchu vs. Library Wars the Movie)
Endless Game (CUT) From Credit tittle Drama
"Anpaman, sore wa ii yada, okaasaan" : Arashi ni Shiyagare #127 [2013.03.23] Nino cut
Music station 2014.09.26 Cut (My Girl - Hawaiian ver. + One Love + A.RA.SHI)
ALICE IN WONDERLAND Cut From Anishi 2014.11.08
Ninomiya Kazunari - Michi (Pika2.5nchi Movie)
嵐『愛を叫べ』Arashi Ai Wo Sakebe Music Station [2015.08.28]
Mafuyu no Nagareboshi – NEWS (SCP 2016.12.14)
NEWS SCP 2016.06.15 (Ai no Matador, White Love Story, Forever)

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.01.10 : Guest Higashiyama
Arashi ni Shiyagare #171 [2014.04.05] - Arimura Kazumi - Yuwakutemo Cast : Prise Sho chan
Arashi ni Shiyagare #172 [2014.04.12] - Hint : Nino had backbone sick, and Sho chan really concern.
Arashi ni Shiyagare #155 [2013.11.23] - Today my work is finish.
Arashi ni Shiyagare #159 [2013.12.21] - Christmas SP Always together
Arashi ni Shiyagare [23.11.2013] - The Voice of Sho chan while asking Nino, kyuuuuun
Arashi ni Shiyagare #150 [2013.10.19] - I've just meet the best moment of Sho
Arashi ni Shiyagare #110 [2012.11.03] - DaiGo HQ hint : Hiding behind the set.
Arashi ni Shiyagare #13 [2010.07.31] Matsuko Deluxe Another Jelousy Sho chan to Nino

VS Arashi Golden #192 [2014.07.31] hint : Korokoro Viking
VS Arashi Golden #173 [2014.02.27] hint : Talking meet the eyes
VS Arashi Golden [2013.11.13] Never give up
VSA : The Best Jumping Shooter
VS Arashi EP #140 [2011.06.09]  (Arashi + YonA vs. Impression Team) Sho chan does Jelousy

Abunai Yakai 2014.10.09 - #021 : Sakurai Sho in Hawaii hint : Shoes.

Music Station [2014.09.26] : Live in Hawaii
Music Station [2013.05.31] : Endless Game
Music Station [2013.09.27] : Arashi Part Similiarity Quiz of the Great Sakumiya

Arashi no Asu ni Kakeru Tabi [2013.12.24] Nino_Sho : Everything is Nino
N Con 80 SP [2013.11.04]  - Arashi Cut Backstage made my day
Hanamaru Cafe : Sakurai Sho 2013
Ima kono 2014.01.09 (Fan Service + Kattun) : INTERNational Broadcast NINOMI~~~

Himitsu no Arashi-chan #170 [2012.04.13]  M5SP5 Mannequin Five Special (Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO) Purple : Inspire the NEXT
Himitsu no Arashi-chan final Episode : and Sho chan and Nino share the best moment of HNA Episode
[2011.08.25] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #144 and
[2011.09.01] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #145 Matsumiya - Mochida Kaori

CM Beer : Nino x Sho

Making of PV Love Rainbow. Sho chan called Nino : Bye Bi..
PV Happiness : Nino x Sho

Concert AAA
Concert MC Osaka 5x10
Fanvid Concert Sakumiya Moment
Phamlet Concert Beautiful World : Sakurai Sho presents Ninomiya Kazunari
Phamlet Concert Arafes 2013 Not mention in DVD

Christmas Message 2013 : When Sho chan Fanboying Nino

Mayonaka no Arashi 2002.05.22 Ep. 33 - (Nino) : Sho chan can't resist Nino.

Mago Mago Arashi 033 [2005.12.10] - Mago Mago Rowing Club 5 part 1 Sho chan propose Nino aah don't forget Sho's mole. and you will see, what's Nino doing during tired time of Sho.

Compile batch Sakumiya and i can't mention it one by one
VS Arashi #196 [2012.10.18] Bet de Arashi HQ, and
VS Arashi #95 [2010.05.27] (Arashi + Kikukawa Rei vs. Shimura Ken Team)
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