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25th-Mar-2016 02:00 am - Failed Wardrobe (AGAIN?)
teendahood: (Default)
Somedays ago,

my sakumiya-n friends send me this picture on Line :

then, ive notice something.
that Sho's jacket,

i saw it a HUNDRED TIMES before,
i mean it,
this couple days i keep searching it.

for those of you who didnt notice it,
i give you another design of this pattern.

i called it bird pattern.

here on my post : There is no wardrobe anymore

and tonight, i found it the old Sho's jacket, after watching tonight's VSA (2016.03.25)

and the OLD one is :

sorry can't help it,, i'm biased.

so if you put it in one scene, would be like this :

Staff - san....

onegai dakara sa....
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