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23rd-May-2015 10:31 pm - [similiar] Guest and Place
teendahood: (saku bank bowl)
Todays weekend, nd i've decided to having lazy weekend. becaause sunday evening i have to start working, preparing for Monday's duty.

without further talk, this is what i've watched today. D no arashi. since i saw a picture in Weibo shows sakumiya in which episode i don't even know until now.

source file : mirei and taiji
Arashi ni Shiyagare #194 [2014.10.25] - Takei Emi, Tacchon Sub (Mirei)
D no Arashi 2003.08.27 ep.009 - Manga-ka (Ohno) and Tranny Xray (Nino)

firstly, i was shocked by the view of the stairs, when Ohno step in, then i realize something,
is this the same place as Tacchon in shiyagare?
then i'd look the Anishi. tara..... its the same guest and place.
i wonder if Ohno in Shiyagare was thinkin "i've been here right?"

i bet he does.

the guest is : Egawa Tatsuya.
Present :
at D no time :

front door :
at D no time :

the work place :
at D no time :

He still have bunch of employee at D no time. but you see now?
and look the skeleton man over there.

at D no time :

halfway :

at D no time :

if you wonder what painting is, here you go :

and when Ohno being ignored, he found something interesting,

he keeps saying, Amazing, while the second time was  ... silent.

at D no time :

the diference is that, the present time you can see the bed room :

but the past is : toilet.

The End

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